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Teaching Agents How to Sell Life Insurance

Coaching with Maryam Rasouli

Meet Maryam

Life Insurance & Annuity Expert

Business Coach / Entrepreneur

Maryam Rasouli came to this country as a nineteen year old girl with big dreams in mind.  Armed only with a fierce desire for financial independence and an innate passion for teaching and helping others, Maryam molded herself into the money-making guru she is today.  Twenty years later, she is one of the foremost experts in her field, training financial professionals all over the world to help their clients in a more productive way.  Most importantly, she provides clients and agents alike with the cutting-edge information they need to grow their wealth and provide peace of mind for themselves and their families.


What We Do

Business Coaching





Life Insurance & Annuities

Speaking Engagements

Macha Tea

Peace of Mind comes from security, and you cannot be truly secure until your finances are serving you.

Maryam has so much energy combined with knowledge and experience. She's unstoppable

- Gary Dempsey

Maryam taught me everything I know in the Life Insurance world. I could never be where I am without her.

- Yvette Artoonian

Maryam is my mentor and I couldn't imagine going through the life of an entrepreneur without her help and guidance.

- Qyu  Sargsyan

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Maryam's Video Channel

Watch Maryam's Videos on Financial Health, Life Insurance, Lifestyle and Living Life with Love

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