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Business Owners

Did you know life insurance companies provide some of the best solutions for business owners? Here are a few of the top plans I recommend to business owners.

Workers with Name Tags

Key Person Policies

Purpose: Protects the business against financial loss due to the death or disability of a key employee.

Benefits: Provides a financial cushion to help the business recover, recruit a replacement, or cover other financial obligations.

Colleagues at Work

Executive Bonus Plans

Purpose: Rewards key executives by paying premiums on a life insurance policy owned by the executive.


Benefits: Provides a valuable employee benefit, and the executive has access to the policy's cash value or death benefit.

At the Coffee Shop

Deferred Compensation

Purpose: Allows business owners to provide additional compensation to key employees, often in retirement.

Benefits: Life insurance may be used as a funding vehicle for deferred compensation, providing a death benefit to the employee's beneficiaries.

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